Grozny, Chechen Republic
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The first Caucasian cryptocurrency from the RJ Productions brand.
Token sale ends in:
$75 372 contribution received
Softcap in 1069 days
For the first 5 mln + 25% Bonus:
150 744 / 10 000 000 1%
The public crowdsale has started, 25% bonus will end in:
1 ETH = 2 200 Nahar
Your crypto!
Your life!
$75 372 contribution received
Softcap in 1069 days
1st stage ends in:
Your crypto!
Your life!
$75 372 contribution received
Softcap in 1069 days
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1 Nahar token price
0.000025 BTC
ICO Participants
Register on Nahar & investor private office
Fill in all the boxes & so that we can find you and transfer the dividend to you
Take part in the referendum vote & get bonuses for participating in Nahar`s development
Manufacturer’s design

RJ Productions is a brand of a Russian company producing building materials, and part of auto cosmetics, since its launch, the company has made great strides forward and does not stop developing in order  to implement the project and build a full-fledged ecosystem in accorfance with the roadmap, it was decided to expand our company by attract investment through to the creation of ICO Nahar token, linking to the company  produced. At the moment, the company supplies to the market of construction products of its own production, and successfully developing in this direction, today there is no competition in Russia in terms of price and quality, with these indicators with the ability to occupy the market of Russian in the short term.
Our plans are to launch new production  lines as autochemicals, household_chemicals, agrochemicals, chain stores, and drugstores as well as car washes, and gradually develop Nahar tokens so that is   possible to bay and sell goods for Nahar, simply by paying with barcode.

Sales points
Production capacity
Volume of turnover
A short story about the project on the You Tube channel we talk about what has been done and what remains to be done
Our Tokens
What is Nahar tokens?
Nahar is a token, based on the Waves blockchain technology. It is the core asset of the new Nahar Exchanger.

10 million Nahar tokens

Number of Nahar — 10 million non-releasable tokens. Within a few years, the 2 million tokens used to by discounts will be burned.

Nahar is provided        with RJ products

Nahar is backed by products manufactured by RJ and each investor will receive an annual dividend of 59% of the net proceeds from the sale of RJ products from the Nahar exchanger and Nahar discount cards

Nahar Exchanger

Nahar exchanger, send and receive without commission, convert to roubles at low commission and under RJ`s guarantee with no third parties

                   Nahar  discount cards

Nahar discount cards, from 3%-15% which which RJ wholesale customers can purchase discounts on RJ merchandise
Timeline Discount
Round 3
Jun 1 — Sep 15
1 Nahar = — BTC Token rate
4 000 000 Hard cap
Round 1
Aug 11 — Sept 10
1 Nahar = 0.5 USDT Token rate
2 000 000 Hard cap
Round 2
Jan 1 — Feb 15
1 Nahar = 1 USDT Token rate
3 000 000 Hard cap

NB: tokens allocated to the team and advisors are subject to a 4 years distribution period. Starting from the end of the TGE (10 January 2022), the team and advisors will receive 10% of their allocated tokens every 6 month until the distribution is fully completed. Therefore, if one of the current team member were ever to leave, no more tokens will be distributed to him. The remaining amount of tokens will be allocated to the newly appointed team member.

In order to make Nahar token distribution process more efficient, the Nahar price will now be linked to USDT:

1 Nahar = 0.5 USDT
Fund distribution
  • 10 millions Token
  • 8 millions Token sale
  • 50 millions Hard Cap
  • $0.5 - Coin price
Token distribution
  • 62% Distributed to Community
  • 20% Retained for further development
  • 15% Founders and Team
  • 2% Advisors
  • 1% “Bounty” campaign
Our Strategy and Project Plan
Jan 2023
Launch of the Nahar ICO
Nahar token sale to investors
Feb 2023
Listing of major stock exchanges - Nahar
ISIN, Crypto Exposure for Institutional Clients
Feb 2023
Opening a building materials production facility
Wholesales will be able to purchase discount
on our goods with Nahar
Mar 2023
Issuing a voting token RJN to investors
(Investors participate in voting in the
development of RJ Productions and Nahar
Apr 2023
Open a production facility for car chemicals
and care products
Open sales outlets in all districts of the Chechen Republic
(Needed to exchange Nahar for roubles)

Jun 2023
Acces to marketplaces and online sales in Russia
Expanding of the construction product range
Dry mix portal plant for 15 tonnes per hour
Aug 2023
launching a cryptocurrency exchanger
applications Nahar
Sep 2023
Allocating sales dividends to investors
At the end of each year, a dividend will be allocated
Oct 2023
Nahar to ruble exchange points open at retail outlets RJ
Open outlets in all major cities in the North Caucasus
Nov 2023
PAYMENT SERVICES Discount cards are accepted at all points of sale
CRYPTO EXCHANGE (Legal + Tech+ Investment Management)
Dec 2023
Acquisition of land for the construction of a household chemicals
production facility
Jan 2024
All RJ outlets in major cities are being transformed into mini-centres; there will be clotning shops, pharmacies, hardware shops and cafes with car waches

Appendix 3in1

Nahar exchanger

The application allows you to exchange Nahar for cash

Earn Nahar tokens

Nahar token earning software to appear on the app 

Get early access

You can send cash trough Nahar, buying and sending Nahar free of charge

for Buyers
Enhance products

The app allows you to exchange other cryptocurrencies for Nahar without a fee and then withdraw the cash to your bank card


Take part in the referendum vote for the future of Nahar and RJ Productions (for investors)

Project support

Put your ideas and projects to a referendum and if they get a vote you will get support

Don`t miss your chance to buy cheaper now at -25%off!
Our Team
Meet a Crew of Professionals
Khasan Zarmaev
Marketing Manager RJ & Nahar
Zhambulat Rasaev
Founder RJ Productions and Nahar
Magomed Zarmaev
Contract CTO RJ & Nahar
Idris Chertoev
VP Marketing RJ & Nahar
Our Advisors
Guarantee Of The Project Success
4 (Demo)
Tom Bayer
Нead of Investor
ICO Evaluated
Succesfull Projects
Years of Experience
Kazbek Ismailov
Нead of Investor
ICO Evaluated
Succesfull Projects
Years of Experience
Partners & Supporters
We Collaborate Only With The Best







Frequently Questions

         Today RJ Productions manufactures construction products in the form of concrete and mortar additives, waterproofing and car wash shampoo.

We can also produce all auto-cosmetics around 33 products as well as construction products around 27 products, this requires equipment to start working, in a month we can perform such a task

We have set out this point on the roadmap

We want to produce more than 350 goods, in addition to construction and automotive products, we want to produce household chemicals and also fertilizers and furniture.

Nahar is part of the company, and is tied to the products it produces, rising sales will increase the price and profit for investors, everyone will be able to watch the growth in sales online

Everyone who contributes to Nahar will receive RJN tokens to vote, these tokens will not be exchanged or used anywhere else except in a referendum, everyone will receive as much as they purchased Nahar tokens.

Dividends will be paid to everyone who has owned tokens during the year, after the completion of Nahar Phase 3 we will pay dividends from the net proceeds of RJ product sales, exchanger and discount cards ranging from 39.5% to 74.4% per annum.


In order to receive the dividends, you will need to register on the Nahar website and fill out a personal investor account.


After Nahar completes Phase 3, you will vote in a dividend referendum

The first investors who hit the token sale list 30% package will have a much higher % than subsequent ones

The Nahar exchange (ed. read the description in the menu) will start working wherever our outlets appear; in the first year it will only be available in the North Caucasus, and after that in Russia and the CIS countries.

Nahar discount cards will initially be available to wholesalers

Once we have completed the phase of developing the retail outlets into mini centres, discount and debit cards will then be available to all

Have any questions or have a partnership offer please contact us