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Nahar Bounty Campaign

Join the community, help us shape the future of production development with dividends and be rewarded!

Nahar Bounty campaign aims to reward the Nahar community for its engagement and its help to share our message and values.

The bounties are divided in 3 categories :

1. Community Bounties

Participants in this category will be rewarded for their engagement on Nahar social media channels as well as for producing content about Nahar on their own channels.

The community Bounties include :



Steemit — Golos — Medium — Personal blogs


Challenges (We will release challenges for participants to gather extra points — stay updated !)

→ Community bounties Starting early November — To be announced

2. Master Bounties

Master Bounties aim to reward participants who are willing to spend extra time helping Nahar in different tasks such as translations, press publications or creating videos.

→ Master Bounties Started

3. Star Bounties

Only Nahar team members can register participants in the star bounties. This category reward people who help Nahar find investors, partners or advisors.

Token Distribution

Each category has his own point system :

Community, Master and star borgs are points, they don’t have a proper value and cannot be exchanged.

Total Token distributed : Min. 100 000 Nahar

Community Bounties → Min. 50 000 Nahar

Master Bounties → Min. 30 000 Nahar

Star Bounties → Min. 20 000 Nahar

Those are total amounts of Nahar that will be given to participants per category proportionally to the points  they accumulated during the bounties.

Participants will receive their tokens at the end of the ICO.

Token reward calculation :

Point gathered by participant / total points gathered by all participants in the category * Nahar for category


Ex: Participant P., in the community bounties, gathered 150 C.Nahar, total C.Nahar at the end of the bounties : 900’000

Reward for P. = 150/900’000*5’000’000 = 833 Nahar

Stay updated !

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