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What is a KYC/AML validation and why it is important ?

At Nahar, as most of the team comes from the banking industry, protecting our investors and clients is a priority. This is why we decided to implement a standard KYC/AML process for our Initial Coin Offering.


What is KYC/AML?
KYC — Know Your Customer
AML — Anti-Money Laundering

KYC/AML is a due diligence process by which a company can verify the identity of its customers, making sure the money they wish to invest was acquired legitimately and that the investor is not part of a terrorist or corrupted organisation.

How does KYC/AML work ?

First the investor is requested to subscribe and give his/her personal information such as name, address and birthdate. He will then be asked to upload an official ID and proof of residency (such as official government letter). The investor’s personal information and identity proofs are then computed and compared to a legal database.

About Nahar KYC/AML

Starting early December, investors will be able to go through the KYC/AML process by registering directly through the Nahar website ( After having correctly sent your information you will receive a email giving you access to an wallet within 24 hours. You will then be able to transfer cryptocurrencies and invest in our ICO starting on 7th December

Please note :

Only 99 “accredited investors” from USA will be accepted (as defined in section 501 of the securities act).

Also, validation is needed for a fair distribution of dividends.

Nahar ICO : KYC / AML validation

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