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Nahar is the first cryptocurrency associated with dividends

Zhambulat Rasaev, CEO of RJ Production and also founder of cryptocurrency Nahar, explained why you should pay attention to dividend coins.

The cryptocurrency market is constantly dependent on new buyers and new money, if there is none, the market will not last long, if you don’t know how to trade properly and are afraid of losing, then you are best off looking at coins that are linked to commodity producers. We are the first crypto industry that has really tied legally its products to a smart contract, in fact now anyone who owns our Nahar token is already an RJ shareholder, our coin is tied to real RJ products, the more we produce, the more we sell, the more investors get, so any investor puts their money into real products so production grows, unlike other coins, dividend linked coins bring regardless of exchange rate and price growth, for holders of these coins, every year.


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…This year, in a couple of days, we will pay the first dividends to investors who purchased Nahar on 01/07/22 and fulfilled all obligations to us in the amount of 39% of this year’s revenue
  • One
  • Two
  • One
  • Two

Of course, we did not manage to fulfill all our plans for this year, but we have an explanation for this and events related to our country, but nevertheless we will fulfill our obligations to investors paying dividends in full. We kept sales statistics every month and also showed here in the DIVIDENDS section the revenue every month, we conduct business transparently and honestly, therefore We are trusted from all over the world.


Separately, I want to thank all those who trusted us and invested in our RJ production, and we are also glad to new investors, we are open to all of you, and we will try to make our coin top 10.

Thanks everyone

Founder of the Nahar crypto project Zhambulat Rasaev



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