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ICO from product manufacturer RJ Productions with a 59% net profit dividend payout All Services About us Nahar Best ICO project for 2022
ICO Advisory

We have advisers with a wealth of experience in attracting investment.

Promotion & Marketing

We have a wealth of experience in promotion and marketing and in a short period of time we will be able to implement our plans and take the lead.

Legal Framework

.On the legal side, we operate in an open and transparent manner.

Token Secured

The token is backed by real goods, dividend payments.

ICO Nahar
To attract investment in the development of RJ Productions!
Company development

The development of the company and the expansion of production and the creation of new production lines will enable the company to produce over 350 products and to enter the world stage, the more the company becomes popular and the higher  the income growth, the higher will be the return to investors in the form of dividends, 59% of the net  profit will be received by investors.

Our mission

development of the crypto industry in Russia and the CIS, through the Nahar exchanger app, as well as through Nahar discount cards, to make transfers with low fees and so that anyone can withdraw cryptocurrency through Nahar in cash.

ICO Evaluated
Years of Experience
Succesfull Projects
To Invest
Advantages over others

The features of the Nahar app are its sought-after features in Russia and the CIS, below are the items that will be in our app.

Nahar exchanger

The application allows you to exchange Nahar for cash.

Enhance products

The app allows you to exchange other cryptocurrencies for Nahar without a fee and then withdraw the cash to your bank card.


Take part in the referendum vote for the future of Nahar and RJ Productions (for investors).

Earn Nahar tokens

Nahar token earning software to aear on the app.

Get early access

You can send trough Nahar, buying and sending Nahar free of charge.

Project support

Put your ideas and projects to a referendum and if they get support.

RJ statistics

In the appendix, we will keep statistics on RJ product sales.

Legal Framework

We will be as honest as possible with our investors and will post tax returns and other reports and documents at all times.

Investor’s office

The app will be an investor’s cabinet that will show the amount of Nahar in his wallet as well the return on investment and more.

ICOs completed
Answering this questionnaire will help us determine your needs!
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What Our Сustomer Say

I was interested in the project by the fact that a project from a manufacturer of goods and dividend payments is what we were missing.

6 (Demo)
Emerson Anderson
Mvideo Manager

The project has collected in itself everything that is needed for citizens in Russia living abroad, and even for local residents of Russia, this project is necessary.

Kazbek Ismailov
Counselor Nahar

Interesting project, I think one of the best projects I’ve seen.

5 (Demo)
Steven Beals
Co-founder, VP Marketing

We are not waiting patiently for this project, for us Russian citizens living abroad, this project will give us the opportunity to send money home with low commissions.

Hamid Madigov
footballer FK Gvardeysk
Writing and Critical Analysis

Whitepaper is the central document of the ICO. It should clearly and briefly convey to potential investors the essence of the concept, its technical aspects and the prospects for investing in it.

This document should be given special attention, since most of the crypto-currency investors make a decision to invest in ICO on the basis of Whitepaper analysis. The criteria for a quality Whitepaper are described in our presentation.

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Pricing Package
VIP Package
Per Month
2 000 000 Nahar token’s
Start 10.01.2022
Receiving dividends
50% of total dividends
The right to vote in a referendum
Receive RJB tokens for voting
Per Month
3 000 000 Nahar token’s
Q3 2022 will be on sale
Receiving dividends
30% of total dividends
Per Month
4 000 000 Nahar token’s
Q4 2022 will ben sale o
Receiving dividends
20% of total dividends
Our Team
Meet of Professionals
Khasan Zarmaev
Marketing Manager RJ & Nahar
Magomed Zarmaev
Contract CTO RJ & Nahar
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